How can Online Learning Help Field Teams?

Online learning resources are perhaps not the first thing that employers consider when they want to train field-based teams working in dynamic environments. 

So why look to eLearning for employees based in the field?

Think about it this way; field-based employees are experts in making. They need the right tools to help them grow into and master their roles. Online learning provides a powerful mechanism to achieve excellence in the field. 

Well designed online learning is essential for providing field teams with clarity in their training, especially when it is backed by solid development and implementation strategies. Effective eLearning builds upon existing knowledge, practices, and mental constructs.

Virtual learning benefits field teams in a number of ways:

  • Accelerated learning and the development of foundational skills for new professionals
  • Rapid advancement for employees while they stay safe and productive
  • Streamlined training and operational processes for the organization
  • Codified resources and learning content driven by subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Engaged learners benefiting from information delivered in multiple formats i.e. infographics, narrations, simulations, and inquiry-based learning in tandem with on-the-job skill development
  • Customized learning and training courses that are specific to the industry/business/operation
  • Learning resources that employees will actually use as references and development tools for years to come

At Seaworthy Ventures our goal is simple. We strive to reimagine online learning by creating customized, creative, and guided eLearning resources. At the heart of every project is a dedication to the instructional design process, collaboration from veteran team members, and the creative use of multimedia in learning. 

We believe information should be presented in a way that is meaningful, significant, and relatable to learners. For field teams especially, we want them to understand the theory and concepts behind complex operations being conducted in dynamic environments before they might find themselves out in the field facing challenges unprepared. 

Customized training courses improve employee engagement and deliver immediate results for field teams by boosting knowledge, skills, and on-the-job know-how. They also satisfy achievement requirements in an accountable, replicable manner while meeting the needs of modern learners. 

As an eLearning consultant, Seaworthy provides advice, strategy, and guidance to help organizations with field teams create successful online learning programs and generate libraries of courses and supporting reference materials. All of this work is built on sound education principles and contemporary approaches to online learning.

It is important to remember that eLearning can also boost the culture change process for field teams. This is especially important after near-misses or accidents occur. Culture change by nature requires collective learning and a shift in the values, interactions, and actions of the entire field team. Courses can be tailored to move the balance of operations towards safety consciousness where team members take ownership of safety on the job and apply essential risk management tools to their work. 

eLearning will never resolve all the challenges that field teams face while working in dynamic environments, but it is an effective way to bring about major improvement. This is especially true when it is blended with continued in-person training and relevant specialty workshops. 

Over time, online learning allows busy field professionals to master the theory and concepts that are foundational to their work, and will become the “new normal” for field teams advancing towards excellence, safety, and expertise.

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