Learning Solutions

eLearning hubs and instructional designs that work.

Seaworthy Ventures can HELP YOU build a suite of solutions for your staffing and training needs.

  • Independent Learning
  • Cost Effective Training
  • Standardized Operations
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Subject Matter Mastery
  • Information Dissemination
  • Group Discussions
  • Private Chats
  • Briefings and Debriefings
  • Reference/Resource Libraries
  • Online Courses
  • Synchronous Webinars
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Learning Pathways for Specific Roles
  • Introduction of New Processes
  • Records of Training
  • Assessments of Competency
  • Platforms for In-house Subject Matter Experts
  • Policy Adoption
  • Common Vocabulary
  • Rapid Training Delivery Cycles
  • Destination Insights
  • Relief from Training Travel Expenses

Custom Learning Designs

Seaworthy learning designs raise levels of professionalism ashore and aboard.

Get high returns on your investment in an eLearning platform.

Build libraries of engaging courses, streamline communications, support field teams, and share key documents from one hub.

Onboard new crew through a single hub.

Inform and educate your teams with libraries of engaging and dynamic online learning resources.


Seaworthy communications strengthen widespread teams. 

Support your teams before, during, and after operations in remote locations nationally or worldwide. 

Send and receive messages, create topical forums, and distribute documents, checklists, procedures, or seasonal updates with accountability. 

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Standardized Assessments

Seaworthy assessments, feedback forms, and guided debriefings generate vital data to inform the pursuit of operational and service excellence.

Measure degrees of competency and technical knowledge amongst your employees. Then respond with targeted training initiatives based on solid data.

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