Expeditions in Learning

“Creating learning and leadership development opportunities for working teams, scientists, expedition crews, and small boat captains.”

We leverage Instructional Design and Educational Technology to make your priority learning objectives come alive in a dynamic online framework.

Seaworthy Strengths

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Instructional Design

Build libraries of dynamic and engaging courses and multi-media online learning resources that prepare, organize, and educate your staff.

Learning Hubs

Centralize learning, communications, and messaging to support professional teams before, during, and after operations.

Standard Procedures

Integrate streamlined procedures and educational technology to foster skill development, compliance, and increase competency across business divisions and disciplines. 


Valued Clients

Bringing educational technology and subject matter expertise to leaders on the water.


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Online Learning for Field Employees
Kit van Wagner

How can Online Learning Help Field Teams?

Online learning resources are perhaps not the first thing that employers consider when they want to train field-based teams working in dynamic environments.  So why

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